Coonridge organic goat cheese from goats who roam wild.
This raw milk organic free range goat farm has been rated one of the top in the country by the cornucopia institute! The goats have no fences and roam free with their guard dogs… This video is amazing and the goat cheese looks spectacular.

From their website:
We live with our Alpine, Nubian, La Mancha and Oberhasli dairy goats in the wilderness at 8,000 feet not far from the Continental Divide. The goats have a barn and barnyard to sleep in at night. Each morning after milking, the goats and their Maremma guardian dogs go off to enjoy their day free ranging in the rim rock country of western New Mexico. We are glad to provide our animals as natural a life as possible. When we say our goats “free range” we do not mean they have a pasture, however large. We mean there are no fences and no human neighbors for miles and miles. Our goats go where they please with their Maremma guardian dogs as escorts. They protect our goats from many predators including mountain lion, bear, coyote and reintroduced wolves. Maremma’s were bred in the Italian Alps for wolf control.

We do not give our animals hormones, antibiotics or chemical wormers. We are GMO free. Our animals are wild fed on unpolluted rangeland. If there is too much rain or snow for them to go out we give them certified organic hay in their barn. We feed no grain and the goats produce milk off what they browse that humans can’t eat. Our animals are a step beyond “grass raised”! Check out what’s happening in organics and what you can do to help protect organic farmers, including choosing the best and most authentic organic brands:


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