Vixen Kitchen Ice Cream

I have yet to find an ice cream, sold commercially, that is made from real cream, instead everything I have found is made with milk.
Since milk is not easily digestible for the human body, my family and I have turned to the alternatives.  However, most alternatives also use sugar (even organic sugar cane) that is processed in such a way that it is toxic for the body.
Thank goodness, we finally discovered Vixen Kitchen made by a lovely local woman here in Santa Cruz! It is made with maple syrup and so it is much better choice.
It is an amazingly creamy and delightful ice cream. However, it is still not 100 percent peak (since the maple syrup is not grade B) and it is really sweet (so high in sugars) and so we only have it on rare occasion.



My Favorite Goat Cheese

Cow cheese is not easily digestible since it is made from cow’s milk. Also if it is not organic, 90 percent of the cheese sold in America is made with rennet that is made from cloned cow stomach that contains mold that comes from GMO sources. (Did I just write that?!!! Um…yes, I did… ugh!)
However goat and sheep cheese are digestible to most people and if we buy USDA organic, than they can not contain cloned sources or come from GMO sources.
The best foods are generally from wild sources. This cheese is very special since it comes from goats that are allowed to roam freely without fences eating wild and organic plants. One of the reasons wild plants are considered the best is because they grow naturally in the region and so are often times more healthy. Also it is known by many herbalists that wild plants can sometimes be much older (as much as 100 years older or more in some cases) and some of them become more potent and healing as they continue to grow in a region.  Some ancient philosophies believe that the slower a plant grows, and the older it is, the more nutrients it will have as well as more power to absorb the curative energies from the earth. So these goats are eating wild plants and herbs such as the ones found in the wilds of New Mexico where no humans are dwelling.

Another amazing thing about the goats being free to roam and choose the roots, vegetables, plants, and herbs that they consume means that the goats are eating what they prefer. Ancient medicine philosophy believes that when animals are allowed to choose what they want to eat, they will naturally choose what is best for them and so they will be most healthy and the milk and meat of the animal will be much healthier as well.

Anyway, regardless of all of the above, I find this cheese to be the most amazing I have ever experienced.  And I mean experienced, not tasted. This cheese is an incredible experience and to me, it is clearly a medicinal food.


Watch a beautiful video which shows these darling goats roaming free with their “watch dogs”.  Nancy  (the one who tends to the cheese and goats) also explains more about this amazing cheese.
Click on the link below to watch the short 3 1/2 minute video.
Fence Free Goat Cheese!

You can order online at:
Order Online


Truly Natural Vitamin C by HealthForce SuperFoods



Made from the peak whole food, acerola cherry extract.
You can buy it at any of the New Leaf Markets as well as Staff of Life and Whole Foods.

Veriditas Women’s Deodorant


This deodorant is very effective and smells fantastic. It is 100 percent organic essential oils.
You can buy it at New Leaf on 41st Ave (not in the essential oil section, but in the deodorant section).
You may be able to buy it at other natural food stores but I would call around if you are wondering.


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