1 package 12 oz elbow pasta
1 onions chopped
1 8 oz package of organic cheese grated (use whatever kind of cheese you like)
1 cup spring water or organic heavy whipping cream or organic goat or cow milk
1/2 stick of organic butter (you can slice it if you wish so it will melt easier)
Garlic (I prefer elephant garlic)
Sea salt and pepper

Boil water in a large pot, add pasta, some salt (1 teaspoon or so) and onions. Cook until tender, drain.
Add cheese and stir with butter until melted.
Then add enough spring water/ cream or organic milk so that the pasta is the desired consistency you like (probably 1 cup).
Add as much garlic as you like (probably around 2 cloves or 1-2 large elephant garlic cloves).
Add basil, sea salt and pepper to taste
For extra flare, you can garish with what ever you like (avocado, cilantro, tomatoes, etc) or just eat it as it is.


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I love to share recipes and ideas. I love to cook, and love to eat good food! Thanks for stopping by!

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